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Im looking at getting a dyno, most likely 2wd Mainline 600p, it has few options on what wideband it comes with, their setup or a choice of MOTEC PLM and Autronic B. Curious as which one would be best and why? Thanks

If you had the choice I would have said ECM AFM (1000 or 1600), but between MoTeC and Autronic I would say MoTeC.

As for the why, the MoTeC offer CAN based communication in addition of the good old analog output (0-5V), and you can use NTK sensors with it.

Im not sure if ECM is an option but yeh im leaning towards Motec and plus its cheaper upgrade 750 USD vs 1200 USD of Autronic from Mainlines supplied Wideband. Thanks!

For 450USD you can get an AFR500 (NGK AFX) with a NTK calibration grade sensor.


Same product than the AFM1600L but in AFR value (and a narrow range) instead of Lambda

ECM can convert them back to an AFM1600 for ~200 USD.

Ballenger also sell the ECM AFM 1600 and 1000, but you have to contact them for that.

Just keep in mind that the ECM don't have CAN protocol (as far as I know at least)

So far it's more a bonus than anything else, but it might become more mainstream in the future.

The dyno comes with a wideband but they gave me an option of MOTEC or Autronic, I know about ballanger but never knew they sold AFM1000 ill check it out, thanks!

I'm looking at getting the Motec LTC NTK. There seems to be a lot of versions of the NTK sensor. Which one would you guys recommend?

Ducie look up the link LUDO86 posted above. Ballanger gives you a good explanantion of all the NTK sensors and variations with cost as well.

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