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I've tried using a Dynocom at another shop and I'd describe its software and the support from Dyncom as very poor. The shop who bought it new not that long ago have tried (and I've tried) to get it to do a steady state roller speed limit (it should be able to do this on engine RPM derived from the 'snapshot' feature) but we've been unable to get it to work either by inputting a road speed or an engine speed. It isn't even apparent which 'test' mode should be used for this and Dynocom haven't told us.

I've been there while the shop owner has been facebook messaging a dynocom employee but Dynocom either don't understand the question or won't give a straight answer. Doing what the dynocom employee told us did not work. I emailed Dynocom afterwards on behalf of the shop with a very clear and concise question of what we were trying to achieve and it's still like they just don't get it - no clear answer. I'm starting to wonder whether the product is even capable of this simple functionality.

Unfortunately I've had to give up on this shop and have gone to shop which uses a MAHA.

From what I've seen of Mainline (only online) they are in a different league to Dynocom and right up there with MAHA. I would imagine they aren't as cheap as a Dynocom but then a cheap dyno which doesn't work isn't cheap.

So, if anyone knows how to do get a Dynocom to hold a fixed RPM speed limit (i.e. regardless of power applied to the roll), I'd really love to hear as I'd love to work with the first shop, they are great people and deserve more from their investment. Thanks.