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Practical Standalone Tuning

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In one of the modules, you specify the need to have an external wideband such as the innovate lm-2 hooked up to monitor AFR while on the dyno, but is this only for cars that have not had a wideband sensor and gauge installed? I was under the impression that by installing a wideband it would be wired to the gauge and standalone so that you can accurately monitor afr in real time and log it. Also, can you do steady state tuning on a load-bearing dyno on a car with a cable throttle or is that limited to DBW applications? Does a cable throttle limit the ability for you to use the torque optimization feature of a dyno? Is that feature only compatible with certain ECU's? Lastly, how does gearing affect the dyno? If i swap my rear end or dyno in 3rd or 5th as opposed to 4th, how will it affect my #'s?

Hello you totally correct in the fact that any wideband used ok, whether it is internal or external it doesn't matter

and two the 2nd question it makes no difference if the car is dbw or cable throttle for torque optimization on a load-bearing dyno

the load is held by the dyno and it's up to you to hold the throttle stable which is easy to see on your run times/logs or laptop screen

gearing des effect dyno readings but does change the outcome of the tune as far as if it is done correctly of not as a dyno is just a tool to load an engine

the figure the dyno is reading is only really relevant to the reading you take next or every reading received before you made a change

to your map

Regards Ross

If you're not sure about holding the throttle steady, simply fabricate a stop that can be adjusted for the TPS map points. You can usually do this with the vehicle engine not running, but ignition on.

Thank you for your insight guys. @ross could you clear up your answer to whether gearing affects the numbers please? Not quite sure what you meant to say there.

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