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ECU Master EMU Black: Injector Duty Cycle with "Squirt twice" activated

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Hello, here are some data about the vehicle.

We're dealing with a Porsche 911 964 with a 4.0l conversion. The previous tuner wired and installed the EMU Black. The fuel injectors were coupled to the ignition events as follows:

Injector 1 - Ign.event 1

Injector 2 - Ign.event 3

Injector 3 - Ign.event 5

Injector 4 - Ign.event 4

Injector 5 - Ign.event 6

Injector 6 - Ign.event 2

So, they inject in the firing order 1-6-2-4-3-5 once every 720°. The ignition is still a dual distributor.

The customer wants us to switch the injection to semi-sequential injection.

The injection has now been configured this way:

Injector 1 - Ign.event 1

Injector 2 - Ign.event 3

Injector 3 - Ign.event 2

Injector 4 - Ign.event 1

Injector 5 - Ign.event 3

Injector 6 - Ign.event 2

and additionally, "squirt twice" has been activated. Now, injection should occur every 360°.

What I notice in the logs now is that the injectors are being driven very quickly at 100%. Unfortunately, I don't understand this...

The fuel injectors are now commanded twice every 720°, but that should not change the Injectors Duty Cycle (DC).

Could it be that the software is incorrectly displaying the DC with "squirt twice"?

Thank you very much!


I wired my oscilloscope to the first injector, started the engine and just let it idle.

The injector is open for round about 3ms. But what i don't understand is, that it takes 100ms between two injections... So, at 1200 rpm one revolution takes 50ms. That means that the injector isn't commanded twice per engine cycle! I attached the pictures.

So i'm not sure if something isn't right with my configurations...

Does someone have a tip for me?

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Did you remember to "make permanent" your changes?

Hi David!

Yes, i did.

Yesterday I tried to tick and/or untick the “squirt twice” Box and i get the same result every time…

I'm using Client Version 2.164A, maybe i should downgrade to an older Version and try i again?

I wonder if there is a problem running sequential ignition, but batch injection? I would report this as a bug to ECUMaster.

Now it's working as it should! Injection every 53ms at 1100rpm.

"squirt twice" isn't working if you have "End of Injection" or "Start of Injection" selected. You have to select "Start at ignition event".

Maybe this is, because the engine is not synchronized with cam...

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