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Ecumaster - 36/2 Trigger Setup RB25 Ross on E36

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Hello guys, i am david and currently having a problem that in my perspective is related to the trigger.

i built an e36 with an rb25, gt35 turbo, 850cc inj and the Ross Racing 36/2 Trigger and the Ross Racing Hall Trigger. I attached a photo from the engine while i was still assembling.

From what i understood, the first tooth is the earliest possible position of ignition before tdc.. now the ross damper/trigger has numbers on it from 0-360. 0 degrees is marked. I added another foto of my configuration atm.

i used the rb25 base map and changed:

- inj size

- dwell for the r8 coils

- trigger setup (no camsync)

- injector to batch, squirt twice

- coils to wasted spark

i dont seem to get any Information from the scope tool though, but the timing light clearly indicates an ignition event..

thanks in advance for your help!

Edit: the question is missing here: what would be the correct trigger setup?

is the scope tool working while cranking?

Greetings from germany,


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There is a check box that has to be clicked to have the scope work. Its in the primary trigger menu.

Post a tune file, its difficult to give advice without the tune and a log of the issue. If I am understanding correctly you are struggling to get base timing set in the ECU?

Great point, make sure Enable scope is checked.

Also enable sensor type hall effect since you mentioned that's what you purchased, and for secondary trigger type, the Ross cam sync units I've worked on have been single tooth so I'd select "1 tooth".

Once you get this sorted, with both crank trigger and cam sync, you'll be able to run direct fire, sequential injection without the shortcomings of batch fire, wasted spark operation.

Hello together,

thank you very much for your responses! Found out i missed on the +12V steady plus wire (since i rewired from classic to black..) .. so now i am getting a signal from the GT101, which looks perfect in the scope tool!

Now on the Trigger Thing:

i attached some pictures below and my config.

TDC 1 in my blender3D screenshot is the position marked on the RB25.

On TDC 1 it would be Tooth nr 20 and 50 degrees. This seems quite much to me, so i would move to TDC 3.

TDC 3 would be Tooth Number 8 + 50 degrees ? Basically a total of 13 teeth to TDC, minus 5 tooth for advance (which equals 10 degree on 36/2 Trigger Wheel) . For that i would then define an offset of 2, because i am moving to the 3rd ignition event. Am i right on this one? Thats basically how i understood the emu manual.

i am not using cam sync, simply using batch fire and wasted spark, since i like the simplicity =) .

Attached the emu black file and another screenshot of my trigger setup.

Thanks again and have a nice weekend!!

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