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Evo 8 First start up with AEM Infinity

Practical Standalone Tuning

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I followed the aem infinity session in the practical stand alone course and can't seem to figure out why all 4 cylinders are getting flooded with gas. I have Fic 2150cc injectors and I'm on pump gas. Cylinder 1 and 2 spark plugs are black but 3 and 4 are still relatively clean. The car will only start with the pedal to the floor at first. Any push in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

You'll need to share your Infinity calibration (and ideally logs of a starting attempt) for any hope of help. There are plenty of parameters you could have incorrect, and we could make lots of guesses.

Rough guess, some kind of prime or first crank pulses that are too large for your ginormous injectors, pedal to the floor get's the flood clear that doesn't inject any further fuel. So in summary -- less fuel. Could be something as simple as a mis-calibrated MAP sensor indicating lots of air, so the ECU provides lots of fuel.

Could be wiring, the injector power probably needs to be off when the ECU / ignition is off.

Other that looking at the plugs, what have you tried for troubleshooting?

Thanks for the quick response I'll get that uploaded as soon as I can

I attached a file with a start up log, I'm new at this so sorry for the trouble. I also changed back to the original waste spark and the spark plugs are all equal in the amount of carbon build up. Not sure why that changed anything. The cylinders are still flooding with gas and I'm just not sure how to dial the injectors back.

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