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find the MBT point by knocking

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I use the road tuning and am very frustrated that my ignition tuning is not optimal. In your opinion, are knocking caused by too much ignition advance as dangerous as knocking caused by too lean AFR or excess heat?

Is it too dangerous to deliberately make your engine knock too far ahead of the ignition to better determine the MBT point and then delay the ignition to create a safety margin?

I would like to have several opinions on this question.

Hello, Jean I highly recommend going back through our ignition courses to understand fully how to tune the ignition table.

no knock is a good knock and it almost always the start of the end and knock from heat and or lean mixtures is also still to much timing for the condition,

A lite amount of ignition knock in my opinion is the better of any type of knock suggested above.

But it is also needed to be able to find knock and MBT when you have limited resources,

I highly suggest you use a good quality knock headset like the

Regards Ross

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