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Using megasquirt3 with msx expansion. I have checked wirings all ok, all sensors ok, base timing at 70 deg, I get engine trying to start but won't start, I manage to start it for a bit with struggle max rev were 1000rpm at 35deg advance and 100ve!!!, tried to move timing up and down degree by degree up to +- 5 degrees without change then return it to 35 deg, after a bit it just stalled, then it won't doit again, all injectors are cleaned, rated at 19lb, sequence in coils it's ok, been trying to get into idle, starting from 5 deg up to 40deg. I've followed this course by the book, first 30ve, then adjust timing to 15 deg, tried to start, makes combustion won't go up, then adjust ve up to 60ve, then I change timing up to 35deg where it makes more rpm, then feed more up to 100ve, am I doing something wrong?, I'm almost sea level at 26C.

Thanks in advance

also, when I first start, cranking pulsewith compensation were at 400%, flooding the system, then I lowered to 128% according to ms site sugestion, turned off acceleration enrichment, warmup enrichment, and now I have cranking compensation off too

Idle is hard. I suggest first trying to get it to run at 1500 - 2000 RPM by holding the throttle open slightly (throttle stop?). If needed, adjust large areas of your fuel table (around where you are operating), to achieve Lambda 1.0. Set the ignition timing to a flat value (say 10-20 degrees) for the operating area (say 500 -2000 RPM, 20 - 50 kPa), and while the engine is warming up, use your timing light to verify the timing, and set your trigger offset. Now your commanded timing should equal the actual timing.

I suggest leaving the cranking compensations alone until you have tuned the fuel with a warmed up engine, and are able to close the throttle to produce a more reasonable idle (try to get to 1000 RPM or less initially). Now you can work on the cranking compensations with a warmed up engine. Figure out what it needs to start with 4-8 degrees of timing and a closed throttle.

Hi, sorry for delay, but I managed to set timing to 13deg, is the one that makes engine run longer, I have set the VE table from 20% to 100%, with no success, It cranks to about 300 to 500rpm then stalls, I have narrowband sensors, so is hard to say that I'm too rich or too lean, guided by smell. It smells rich about 80VE, but as soon as I open up the throttle It stalls too, even at 100ve

P.D: I just notice an issue with the injectors pwd, It oscilates between 24ms and 1ms, accelerates at 24ms, dies at 1ms, weird behaviour, what could it be?, fuel setup is in sequential mode with 2 injections per cycle

It seems like your issues are megasquirt specific. Perhaps you should check with experts on the MegaSquirt forums:


Please post your msq, maybe I can help