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Frequency setting on the waste gate

Practical Standalone Tuning

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When we tick the box for the PWM section for the wastegate solenoid how do we know what is the frequency it should be running in particular? ex. 25Hz. Is this information supplied by the manufacturer?Or is there any calculation done to find the frequency? Many thanks for the help! Awesome stuff!

The ideal frequency will vary with the driver circuit in the ecu and the valve characteristics. Often there will be a "sweet spot" frequency where the valve will give the widest dynamic range. Most Mac valves work pretty well at 20-30Hz.

Hi there Adam thank you for the reply! How would you find the sweet spot for the frequency? Is it a matter of trial and error to see which one gives you the best results you mean? and based on your experience 20-30Hz is the sweet spot? Thank you again for the tips! All the best!

If your ECU has a test output function then a basic test you can do is send a range of duty cycles to the valve while listening to it. When you get towards the range limit it will get quieter and quieter until you cant hear it move anymore. So for example I might do a test at 25Hz and find the valve gives an audible click with duty cycles from 20-80%, then I do another test at 30Hz and find the valve gives an audible click from 15-85%DC. Then the final test at 35Hz gives clicking from 25-75%DC. So in this example 30Hz would be somewhere close to the "sweet spot" as it gives the widest dynamic range.

Now it makes more sense in the way you described it you wanna get the best option for the flexibility of the valve which then will pass on to a smoother tune. Adam your answer has help me a lot in understanding this I thank you very much for the help and all the best in your journey man! That was cool!

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