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FT450 4g63t sync issues

Practical Standalone Tuning

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Hello folks,

I'm probably missing something here

Wired up a Fueltech FT450 to run a 4g63t in an eclipse

Standard 2 teeth crank trigger, and the camtrigger (disc behind the cam sprocket)

Scope sees all signals

Tried all sensor settings (Hall VR)

I will only show some life when the cam is set to random hall (diagnostic), but obviously runs like a pig

anyone with a working trigger setting for the 4g63? I've already contacted Fueltech, they sent me a file. Put the settings in, no joy.

My idea is, pinout reversed (ie switched sensor ground and signal, so reading high instead of low) or an other issue.

Alternatively I could try and setup a missing tooth cam trigger in the evo3 head (currently blocked off) (engine is in an eclipse 2g)

Hoping for some advice

Thanks in advance.


for scope see image

Attached Files

On many inductive cam signals you can try signal inversion. Ford Zetecs engines they needed it

I don't have specific information on your problem but what I can say is that I really have not enjoyed working with FTs onboard software 'scope. Obviously it can be a tool for diagnostics in the field but I'll never use it for anything passed 'Hey, something is (or isn't) there'. A real scope is your best friend in this instance.

Thanks, I always use an external scope to verify signals first

So I can confidently say they are present

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