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fuel pressure gauge for data logging

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do you guys have any recommendation for a fuel pressure gauge or just a sensor that i can connect to ecutek and hptuner for datalogging


It depends what you're wanting to do. If it's just for temporary monitoring then I'd suggest a mechanical gauge that you can Tee into the fuel feed line. I used a generic gauge that I taped to the windscreen of the car so I could glance at it when i needed to. For something more permanent then you could use a Honeywell 0-150 psi sensor and wire this to the analogue inputs on the HP Tuners MPVI interface. I'm not sure how you'd get on with Ecutek and my gut says you'd need to use one of the existing analogue inputs aon the ECU header and then set this up in the ecutek software so you can log it.

hi Andre,

for the price of the Honeywell i ended up buying aem x-series oil pressure gauge i think i can use it for data log but not 100% sure yet.

and im using mpvi2 which is why i choose aem gauge,

for my aem wideband i tried serial port to usb and connecting to the egr input and found that the serial port is faster and alot more accurate so i guess im just gonna use serial port for my wideband and 5v inputs for fuel pressure on hptuner.

do you know if it possible to connect the wideband through usb on ecutek? i couldnt get it to work i know i saw a picture online that have parameters by source it showed external input but couldnt find any information online everyone online uses cpc input or rear o2

yesterday i installed aem pressure sensor on my scion frs on the return line and my fuel pressure

peaked at 60

idles at 56-59 average 58

cruise is 56

wot is 56 then drops to 54 then gets back to 56 right before redline , on higher gear my wot is 55 with no drop

now is 4-6 psi drop enough to cause a lean issue?my lean issue starts at specific rpm and even at 56psi it doesnt get worse when pressure drops to 54 im not sure if this data is any good as its in the return line but that is the only place i could disconnect with the tools i have

i installed it after my flex fuel sensor and my line adapter is 3/8 and the frs stock lines are 5/16 could that be the reason i have pressure drop

or could it be injectors issue.


The pressure drop you're seeing is pretty normal. The base fuel pressure is generally considered to be 58 psi or 4 bar, but particularly at high rpm and WOT where fuel usage is high, the pressure in the rail tends to drop off slightly. This could cause a lean issue but there are a variety of other potential causes. Is the engine still N/A or have you added a turbo/supercharger?

With the Ecutek software I don't believe you can add sensors via USB into the laptop. You need to wire the sensor into your factory ECU - As you've found, the normal option is to use the CPC or rear O2.

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