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Full throttle ramp run on dyno

Practical Standalone Tuning

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Hello everyone! I would like to ask more specifically about WOT tuning on dyno. Andrew says that area above 2/3 of RPM needs to be tuned in ramp run mode. But I always thinking about how close this ramp mode to actual load on road? Is it better to use load to match actual accel time on dyno and in real world? For example i know that this bike accelerates from 2000 to 12000 rpm in 5th gear in 7 seconds then i need to apply load on dyno to match this time. Are my thoughts right?

Your thoughts are right if your goal is to reproduce the street/track conditions .

As long as your load is similar or larger you will be OK. For example, if you were to ride your bike up a steep hill starting in 5th gear it would probably take longer. Normal WOT dyno runs are 6-12 seconds in my experience. I have the advantage of using a load-bearing dyno where you can set the maximum acceleration rate allowed (in RPM / second), my normal baseline is 500 RPM per second.

Thank you for reply! I think for bike application it should be something about 1000 rpm per second. Is it possible to use load bearing dyno for WOT tuning with load? Does it have any sense?