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Hall Sensor

Practical Standalone Tuning

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Link to video: https://www.hpacademy.com/dashboard/courses/practical-dyno-tuning/step-2-trigger-setup-hall-sensor

Is it necessary to understand the example mentioned at 1:45 about the swapping of cam and crank teeth? because I dont...

If the sync input to the ECU happens very close to a reference tooth input then this can be a problem as cambelt stretch can allow the relative position of the ref and sync to swap which will cause a trigger error. This won't be an issue on a stock trigger system though.

correct me if im wrong:

1)a reference tooth input would from a hall sensor like a crank sensor getting input from the mechanical movement of gear teeth. (what is a ref/sync input?)

2)all inputs to an ECU are known as trigger inputs. (are there any other kind of inputs?)

3)Is 'trigger mode' is the configurable set up of the sensors that the ecu uses to operate the engine?

im not very clear on all the difference kinds of reluctor sensors and halls sensors on a car.

1. A ref (reference) or engine speed sensor is for crankshaft speed. A sync input is from something like the cam that spins at half engine speed and provieds information on where in the engine cycle the engine is. You need both to run full sequential injection and direct spark ignition.

2. the 'trigger inputs' comprise ref and sync and perhaps some cam position sensors for engines that use cam control. Other inputs may include analogue voltage, analogue temp and digital inputs.

3. yes

A hall sensor provides a square wave digital signal output while a reluctor sensor provides a sine wave of sorts. Please watch the following: https://www.hpacademy.com/dashboard/courses/efi-tuning-fundamentals/efi-components-trigger-inputs

Thanks for the answer Andre. Will re-watch the video

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