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Haltech Elite 2500 knock threshold with 2 Sensor

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Hello everyone,

I have a question about setting up the knock Sensor on the Haltech elite 2500. The Engine is a 2JZ-GTE i have installed the bosch donut style Sensors in the original positions. I wonder how I set up the threshold correctly, the knock signal is not the same from every sensor.

And now to my real question. E.g. knock Sensor 1 has a signal of 30 db, knock Sensor 2 has a signal of 33.5 db. Can I now position the threshold at 36? These are then differences sensor 1 of 6 db to the threshold. if it knock occurs at this point, is the threshold not too high for sensor 1? I therefore don't quite understand the setup process, whether it is correct?

thank you very much for your help


Hi Marcel, while probably not what you want to hear, I personally have not had really good results with the Haltech Elite knock control system in comparison to some other ECUs sadly. With dual sensors you don't have the ability to set different background noise thresholds or control the individual sensor gains which is problematic for your situation. In most ECUs that I calibrate with knock control there is the ability to adjust the gain for each cylinder so that you can effectively equalise the background noise levels under a 'no knock' situation. Haltech doesn't offer this on the Elite. Your options are twofold:

1. Set the knock threshold 3-4 db above the higher of the two knock sensor signals

2. Revert to a single sensor mounted as centrally as possible between the 6 cylinders.

Hello Andre

Many thanks for your response.

All right then I understand the procedure to set up the threshold.

Best regards Marcel

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