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Haltech Elite 2JZ Cold and Hot Start Issue

Practical Standalone Tuning

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2JZGTE single turbo with factory IACV. Id1050x injectors. Base fuel pressure 300kpa.

Cold start issue: car will do a first fire, turn over a few times and then die. Usually on second attempt car fires right up. Idles smoothly but will sometimes rev up to 2000-2500rpm and settle at set 800rpm. Trying to figure out if I need to adjust fuel prime pulse, cranking, or the post start correction tables?

Hot start issue: car immediately will fire up but will rev to 3000rpm and then start to settle. It’s very alarming when it does this and would like anyone’s input on what to adjust.

2JZGTE uses an IACV stepper type motor for idle control. Car had zero issues idling.

Is this the same car with the idle control not working with A/C on? Is the A/C on when you are starting?

No the AC is not on while starting and yes same car.

You just need to increase fuel injector primer pulse width and and cranking enrichment decay time. It's a common issue on many tuned cars regardless what ECU is used.

What do the Idle Control->Post Start Target Offset, and Idle Control->Post Start Base Offset tables look like?

Per Shota's comments above, also Fuel->Fuel Prime Pulse, Fuel->Cranking and Fuel->Post Start Correction tables?

I'm attaching a CSV file so one can load my map that way. For some reason, I cannot attach a haltech nsp file.

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I’ve gotten the cold start issue taken care of, now it’s just the random higher rev starts. Beginning to think it may be if IACV is still calibrating.

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