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Haltech Elite Rev Limit

Practical Standalone Tuning

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hello guys im tying to get the ECU to rev limit faster, i have my settings as 5500rpm limit, 100rpm hysteresis, hard cut and it still wont cut fast, is there anything else i have to change? im new to the ESP Software,

Do you mean the engine is running past the hard cut at 5k6 before it cuts the engine completely, or that you want the engine to cut completely at 5k5 rpm, or something else?

i want the engine to cut at 5,500 rpm but fast

It's been a while since I last used the Haltech software, but usually a Hysteresis value is used to provide a window of operation, so for this I would have considered that having a Hysteresis value of 100 would allow for the the Engine Speed Limit to work over that range. Setting that value to 0 or a smaller value than 100 would work to increase the agressiveness of the limiter operation.

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