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Haltech elite Rev Limiter

Practical Standalone Tuning

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How to produce fire ( flames with bang ) from the exhaust with haltech elite ECU , the default setting ( fuel or ignition cut ) is too soft. Is there a way to make it wild ? I have tried to retard timing but the ECU wont follow my commands.

Is there a table that limit maximum and minimum ignition advance?

ignition 0 demand table

fuel 0 demand table

rev limiter to hard ignition cut

they will kick in when you have "no load" conditions - either map is low enough or tps is low enough

whoever gets it enabled for their car will get sick of it in about 10 mins probably - or will be sick of it when they get pulled over by police

if your thinking about those youtube vids where you have a 350z with no boost making constant flames out the exhaust with a weird buzzing noise and roasting the exhaust pipe to a nice cherry red/yellow colour - thats probably enabling antilag on an na engine and fiddling with the fueling and ignition settings - your turning the engine into a flame thrower - it'll melt things (potentially the floor, valves, head, exhaust, gastank) - possible to cause fires - do massive damage to the car etc from the glowing metal running under the car at that stage

none of the above is recommended for something you want to live for as long as a factory engine

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