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Hi guys, i am facing some issues with haltech elite 2500. I have gone through the basic tuning course and have experience with Thai Ecushop ecu. This is the 1st time i am using Haltech. The vehicle in question is 2007 Suzuki Swift Sport. I did a full replacement ecu installation. I managed to start up the car but when i throttle it stationary, it sounds like it is choking.

I am facing 2 issues with the setup mainly: cam control and alternator monitor.

I have datalog most of the parameters. It seems like the cam control isn't working. I have measured the input voltage 12V but from the ESP, cam control output is pulsing before i crank the engine and turns off when the engine starts but pulses intermittently. The information in ESP is kinda overwhelming. I have attached a copy of the datalog taken over 2 days with 2 different minimum duty setting as well. At the moment i have only installed Air temp, coolant temp and wideband sensors just to make sure the car can start and tune.

Hope to seek some kind advice from you guys on what to look out for and how to start it off.

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I would recommend posting your start up map and logging

don't send the log in csv try and do it as std llg that the haltech use

Regards Ross


Ross i thought .csv would be a more common file to save. I would like to know what should i be looking out for when tuning for VVT.

I have found the issue. There's a conflict between the base map and the new software. Reset everything to default and cam control works. Thanks to Haltech remote technical help.

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