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Haltech NSP "beginner" question

Practical Standalone Tuning

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easy to find in ESP, but CANNOT find 3D table view option in NSP

can't find a set up video that shows it, and the help menu in NSP, is for ESP, and is not helpful

IIRC it's the same between ESP and NSP.

What table specifically can you not see in 3D?

any, all. fuel base, ignition base, anything that is a 3d table, i just want to know how to display the 3d view for any table. in ESP it was left click and it came up. no such menu option comes up in NSP with left click, and i can't find display options per table.

in the NSP intro video, this is a laptop view, but there is no explanation of how to get 3D view in NSP vs ESP.


figured it out, had my text views too big, so i couldn't left click the bottom layer!

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