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Haltech R3 meets ‘82 911sc

Practical Standalone Tuning

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Hi there! I’m working on my first EFI swap, a Haltech R3 in a 1982 911sc. Should be fun! I’m running into some question’s I was hoping to have experts weigh in on. I was hoping to use this platform to better inform myself and avoid a costly mistake.

First item of business is determining dwell on my coils. I have searched high and low and am not getting data I am confident in. I am using a Denso 673-1301, Haltech has some listed coil Dwell times, however nothing with this particular coil. Can anyone point me in the right direction here?

Second, will be wiring the speedometer output… but one thing at a time. :) Thanks in advance for any help!

Those coils look pretty similar to 1ZZ or Yaris coils.

Safe bet to take the numbers from the dwell times of those and knock bit of dwell off until you can test run the engine. 2-2.5 ms @ 14v is a pretty safe numbers to start with

Speedo output needs a speedo input, pretty sure that era of Porsche is a VR sensor... shielded wire, one to a digital pulsed input and the other to sensor ground. verify calibration with a dyno or gps

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