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hellow , i have a question , on what gear should the car be on , while doing the tuning .

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I have a question , i finish the fundamantal course . And also what do u mean by idol .

Hi Mosto, I generally recommend running the car in a gear that's close to 1:1 - Often this would be 4th gear. This is covered in detail in the practical dyno tuning course.

I'm not sure I understand what you're meaning regarding idol? Can you give me some more information around this so I can answer properly?

Hi Andre , how are you , i really appreciate your effort , for making it easy to understand and learn about tuning , you made a dream come true . :)

i have a question thou ... in the ( pc link ) software , while you were tuning the bmw , i did not see you accessed a target lambda map for the fuel ratio . as i realized also there is no feed back for the lambda on the software . can you please clarify this out . ?

thank you and best regards ...

Hi Mosto, the BMW worked example uses an injection time or 'traditional' fuel model and hence the AFR target table isn't used. With the Link ECU even in traditional mode you do have the option of using what's known as an open loop AFR target table and this basically has the fuel model working in a similar way to a VE based fuel model with the exception that the numbers in the fuel table aren't representative of actual VE.

Hi Andre ,

So i connect the wide band air fuel ratio of the dyno , on the oxygen sensor in the exhaust , to check the Lamda of the AFR given on dyno , and i add or remove efficiency , to target a certain Lamda in my mind for this car map .

Yes, with the traditional fuel model you simply adjust the fuel values to achieve your desired target AFR.

hi Andre , its mosto , hope every thing is ok . i have some questions thou and need your advise as usual . am going to tune my evo 9 this week and it will be my 1st time . it has an FP white turbo charge , gives around 2 bar boost , and the solenoid is removed .

1 - On what gear should i tune the ignition timing ? and is it the same to forced induction engines ? .

2- what do u prefer the volumatric efficiency table resolution will be at as a maximum ? around 120% is good ?

Hi andre , when i connected to the car , pc link software , i saw the ve table 300 kpa , ignition timing also 300kpa , but my fuel target map is giving me a max number of 10 digits only on the ( Y axis ) , between 0 and 300 , what do u prefer to do in this situation ?

Thanks you for your advice

As i also have the master fuel set to 11 ms , and the largest number in the high load is 43 % in the ve table , ! What do u suggest , to get max power ?


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