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Can someone tell me what to do next? I swapped injectors, from ID2000 to FIC1000. I changed the req. fuel to 3.2ms. I'm having a hard time taking the info in the course and applying it to this ecu. How do I attach a log? It says cannot attach null file.

Where are you now? Is the engine running?

More questions you might want to answer:

What VEMs ECU / Software are you using?

What was the value of the req. fuel before you changed it to 3.2ms?

What does the VEMs help say about the req. fuel value -- is that the requested amount of fuel for a 100% in the fuel table?

The car is running. It's on a base tune for vw aba16vt. It was idling fine with the id2000. It idles now but not well. I cannot run it for very long, my garage is a few feet from my neighbors windows.

VEMS Tune 1.5.57 (2018-01-04)

ECU Firmware 1.1.96

The value for req fuel w/the ID2000 was 1.6ms.

VEMS help only says how to calculate the value - Req_fuel = 6.49 * (D/N/I) (2000/4/2000)

I don't understand your last question.