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High boost tuning

Practical Standalone Tuning

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How does data logging affect high boost tuning ? And can it be done in that way without catastrophic failure ?

With high boost your tuning window becomes much narrower so care is obviously required. We don't typically start off at 40-50 psi boost though on our very first ramp run and instead start at the minimal wastegate spring level and start working up from there. What this means that as the boost increases we already have a pretty good idea of the shape and trends in the fuel and ignition tables and can extrapolate those trends out to the higher boost areas. This means that as we increase the boost we're already going to be very close to optimal which puts less stress and strain on the engine.

Data logging is a valuable part of any tuning regardless of the boost level, however I wouldn't recommend relying solely on logging as you can only review this after a run. I would recommend viewing boost and AFR during a ramp run, as well as listening for knock so you can abort the run if you're not happy with anything.

Ok thank you Andre

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