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How can i implement A/C into Elite 2500 with only thermo fans

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I have recently gotten A/C connect and working with this QLD heat. I do not have the factory A/C fans, i have an aftermarket radiator, with shroud and thermo fans. These have their own relays and are wired to the Haltech, utilising the coolant temp sensor to activate.

Is it as simple as splicing into the A/C switch, connecting it to the haltech and the physical work is done?

And what else do i need to do within the Elite 2500 to have it working correctly?

Sorry if these are silly or already covered questions, this is my first time posting and i would like to be 100% on it before i attempt the job.



The aircon function is relatively straightforward. Enable the air con function in the setup menu and then you need to assign an input from the aircon request and an output to the aircon unit. If you're interfacing with climate control aircon then you'll need to find the output from the climate control unit that triggers the air con unit. You'll note you can add aircon pressure and temp sensors into the ECU and then use these as parameters for the air con operation.

For the fan side you'll note that in the thermofan function there's a little tick box that allows you to use the thermofans for aircon operation too.