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How many pass is acceptable to tune a car

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Hey guys.. im the kind of tuner that I like to tune every spot posible on a map.. for example when I tune turbo cars I go from the lowes psi to the max we want to reach and because of that I receive bad critics. . Did im wrong of what im doing or is just a bad perseption on people that think that a car can be tune in 3 pulls.. im talking about street/strip drag cars

I approach tuning in the same way (as demonstrated by our practical tuning courses). In my opinion this is the only way to provide a thorough and accurate tune and have confidence that regardless of the load and rpm the driver uses, the AFR and ignition timing will be correct. This situation does change a little if you're reflashing an OE ECU - In this case often we only need to focus on WOT tuning and in many cases with a car I'm familiar with, it's possible to complete a tune in just a hand full of pulls.

A lot comes down to public perception and my eyes were opened to this when we did some training in Dubai. Here the expectation is that a 'tune' will take 20 minutes and the car should roll off the dyno with 1000 + hp - Fuel economy and drivability don't factor in. If you spend hours tuning the engine properly it's assumed you don't know what you're doing. Go figure...