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How to set firing order ECU Master

Practical Standalone Tuning

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First start on my SR20DET this weekend. Motor started up no problem but was idling around 400 rpm and shaking violently. Decided to play it safe and make sure everything was good before continuing the break-in. Upon looking through settings on the EMU Black, I noticed that the base map provided by ECU Master, has Injector phase and Ignition events as follows.

Ign. Event 1 - Ign. output 2 Inj. Phase 1 - Ign. Event 2

Ign. Event 2 - Ign. output 1 Inj. Phase 2 - Ign. Event 1

Ign. Event 3 - Ign. output 3 Inj. Phase 3 - Ign. Event 3

Ign. Event 4 - Ign. output 4 Inj. Phase 4 - Ign. Event 4

It's my understanding that the sr20 has a firing order of 1-3-4-2 so wouldn't I want the firing order and inj. phase to match? Or is this supposed to be setup as is. Still new at tuning so seeing these settings confused me a bit.


On the main menu on the left hand side click Fueling-Injectors-Injectors Phase...that will bring up the table with Injector Phase on the left and Ignition event on the right. For firing order 1-3-4-2 should look like this

Injector 1 Phase = Ignition event 1

Injector 2 Phase = Ignition event 4

Injector 3 Phase = Ignition event 2

Injector 4 Phase = Ignition event 3

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