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I have fueltech please help

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Can you please show me a work example for Fueltech. I’ve purchased this online course because I seen Fueltech on the bottom of the screen But I don’t see any examples of Fueltech please help me

Fueltech is pretty basic to set up. Their software is easy enough for even a beginner with basic knowledge to jump in and get it working easily.

And their documentation is generally very good as well (although I disagree with some of their wiring instructions.

Pretty much everything about how a Fueltech works is meant to be as simple and easy as possible.

Just open their wizard to generate a base map, that feature works excellent.

For the Map Options page just check all the boxes for all the features you want. And uncheck the boxes for the features you don't want. Keep it simple to start, you don't need 2-Step or anything like that to start off. Then enter all the basic details of your engine and triggering configuration.

On the page where you select the compression and cam profiles, that's not an exact science, those numbers are kinda "Relative" and don't mean anything on their own. It just defines the shape of the base fuel and spark maps that will be generated. Just try to roughly choose what your engine has there.

After you complete that wizard you will already have a base map perfectly capable of running your engine.

When I set mine up, that's what I did, and all I had to do to get the car started was increase the fueling a bit in the cranking enrichment. Super easy!

Next thing is open the Advanced Map Options and change the Fuel Maps from Line to Table, and change the Ignition Maps from Line to Table.

That's pretty much it to get it running. After that, it's all just a normal tuning process exactly the same as any other PW-based ecu.

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