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I upgraded my Haltech Elite ecu from ESP to NSP for my Honda k20

Practical Standalone Tuning

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like the subject says :)

I upgraded my Elite ecu (it works on any from 550 up to 2500) to Nexus software / firmware last night for my k20 and the car started and ran first pop after it converted the map over.

Everything in NSP of course looks much nicer - and its very easy to work with and its STUPID fast like the Haltech Youtube channel video shows - in some ways I think was idling smoother and some pid controlled ecu features looking like they were behaving in a much nicer way but that could be me being hopeful :)

I love it - so far - but I do like testing these sorts of things on my car....So I'm willing to do the instant update to "see what happens" =)

Anyone else trying it at all and if so - whats it on - and what's your first impressions of the new software and firmware update?

bring on the oscilloscope i say!!

Yup - the oscilloscope is in there !- 4 channels on screen at once on my ecu.

The cam control seems much more accurate and smoother in cruise around driving mode when i was doing a test to grab some data

Its SOOOOOO fast to connect to an ecu and pull down a datalog compared to the old firmware and software

I work in IT so i like seeing shiny new options and software lol this is pretty dang cool

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