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In the tuning ECU examples , you talk about conservatism on boost, say 200 kPa, and set the ignition to 2 degrees to start (example of a car with a high compression ratio and pump gas). Do you have a table of recommended ignition to start tuning for different types of fuel and boost, so as not to immediately run into detonation?

This is not said in the theoretical part, but in the practical part, you immediately give out the values as we should know them.

I can admit that I may have missed something in the learning process :( But with AFR, I have no gaps in understanding, unlike ignition. I understand how to find the MBT point, but I do not understand how much I need to retreat at the beginning so as not to be behind the line before I started looking for it

I'm just getting ready for my first tune and would not like to make stupid mistakes. Sorry for my English )

I understand basic ignition trends from training. The high boost (the higher the density of the mixture), the faster the flame front spreads and the ignition advance must be reduced. The higher the revolutions, the higher the piston speed, the ignition timing needs to be increased. But I don't know the numbers)))

Steady stay tuning it's easy, but full power and ignition advance is "terra incognita". I see in your examples that the ignition timing increased nonlinearly and I don't understand which numbers to aim at

For example: 2jz, 8:1CR, 3 bar boost, С16 fuel, 7000 rpm. -2, -12, -22 advance ignition is OK to start (not MBT)? I understand what I have to assume from the low boost levels, but again, I don't understand the progression. And of course this is just an example.

When Andre goes up the revs with increasing boost, he says "I'll just turn down the ignition for the entire column by 5%" - okay. When Andre goes up the boost, he says - "I will put 6 degrees of ignition timing for the entire 200kpa line" - WTF? ))) Why 6, and why not -6 or +12))) I understand that it should be reduced, how to understand by how much.

I'm just rearranging the words in places. I think the question is clear)