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Injection phase vs ignition event

Practical Standalone Tuning

Relevant Module: Worked Examples > Ecumaster > Step 1: ECU Configuration and Testing

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Hi, I'm a little confused in understanding the part of the injection phase in relation to the ignition event. if I have the injectors mounted in a row (injector 1 in cylinder 1, injector 2 in cylinder 2, etc) shouldn't the phase of injector 2 be in the ignition event 2?

And the end of phase angle shouldn't be adjusted? thanks and good work!

Direct, port, or throttle plate/single point injectors?

Don't know about the first, but assume it's spraying into the cylinder so the 'plug can ignite it. The second will usually be during the intake stroke, so the fuel is drawn in and mixes well with the fuel, but it may start a little before or, in extreme cases, be almost continuous. Plate/single point injectors will usually be cycling - turning on and off - quickly as the air enters the intake manifold/plenum to try and match the airmass correctly.

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