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Input Setup & Testing Standalone tuning

Practical Standalone Tuning

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What is the procedure for calibrating an aftermarket coolant temp sensor or MAP sensor, when having to calibrate the values in the form of a table?

When would the axes need to be adjusted in the MAP sensor calibration table against voltage? (01:49)

if I understand correctly, at the 4 minute mark, the purpose of that would be to program the functioning of the Air conditioning system based on an ECU input? So this is where one would configure whether the air con turns on or off based on an analog or digital input to the ECU from other sensors? what is the procedure to configure it such that, for example, it turns off when the engine is on high load to reduce parasitic losses of the air con compressor? Would there be any error codes from the CAN when programing it to ignore any signals from the CAN and only focus on the ECU? would this render the air con button on the dashboard useless or simply add a backdoor functionality of the air con system?

link to video: https://www.hpacademy.com/dashboard/courses/practical-dyno-tuning/step-1-ecu-configuration-and-testing-input-setup-and-testing

How this is done varies with the particular stand-alone ECU. Do you have a specific ECU and sensor you are trying to configure? The idea is to configure the sensor so that the voltage / resistance from the sensor can be interpreted correctly.

The A/C system is typically just an input indicating that the A/C clutch is engaged and thus there is additional load on the engine. This is usually used so that the idle system can avoid stalling when the A/C turns on. It does not usually control an A/C system as you've described.

Hi David, yes I have a MoTeC M600 and the car is a BMW E36 M50 320i. I am trying to figure out whether the MoTeC can run the cars air con because for some reason, the previous tuner has the factory ECU still wired up with the M600 as a "piggyback".

So what would control an A/C system that ive described?

Sounds like a science project. Reverse engineering factory systems is not an easy task. Good Luck!

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