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I have a question regarding knock detection setup variances between engines. I have 3 identical Nissan vg30 engines I have assembled, all 3 running link G4 (2 are +’s and one x), all 3 the same build list IE same 88mm wiseco pistons, eagle rods, acl bearings. All 3 stock heads. All 3 machined by the same guy. Now the externals of the engines are all different, but to my understanding the knock frequency is determined by the size and potentially the parts inside the engine.

if I spend some time and properly setup the knock detection in one ecu, can I copy the results for the other 2 engines and be pretty spot on?

Hi Shain yes it will generally be very close it really depends on how fine you are running the thresholds of coarse

Thank you Ross. I had thought it might work.