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Hello all. I have a very basic queston. I have emailed the manufacturer who provides excellent customer service. Tho im in a rush haha and didnt do my research before i got to this point. Im installing tuner nerd knock monitor and am wondering about how to do this. Should I remove the factory knock sensors and install the tuner nerd sensors in place of them and shut down knock control in the ecu? Or can i leave factory sensors in place and install tuner nerd sensors in additional bolt holes for different engine mounts? Any help appreciated thanks guys

As usual Tuner Nerd got back with me. Any metallic contact will work even a metal intake manifold. Very interesting.


best to remove factory sensor and install after market bosch knock sensor which you got from tuner nerd because if you install in other place you will not get knock soon as factory sensor location

That’s what I figured. Thing is I’m not on a dyno. So I’ll be road tuning. I’m new and this is affordable for me. But I’ll need to drive to the location where I can do pulls. Which means the car will be in closed loop operation. And knock is common while driving moderately and without the factory knock sensors installed I will loose my built in safety feature.

I was able to put bank 2 knock sensor at the block deck on a 22mm surface. Bank 1 is lower block next to engine mount but is on a 22mm surface. Gonna give this a try.

Something that comes to mind and I may try in the future. First, this is an m52 out of an e36 bmw. That being said, I may install tuner nerd in factory location. Then make a little harness including a connector to the main harness and 4 back probe wires that I can back probe knock sensors with. That way ecu will get its signal and the knock monitor will also. With a little electrical tape to hold during the drive this should work. I mean it looks to me as if this device is just some sort of “smart oscilloscope “

which ECU you are using on it ?

Factory ecu MS41.1. I’m using freeware, ROMRAIDER. Now running 41.2 software from U.S.M3.