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Hi guys,

I have a build with a 1JZ running on ECU Master. I'm currently setting up the knock sensor (stock 1JZ one-wire sensor) but from the logs I see 4.92V when the car is off and then 0 volts as soon as the car starts.

I've set the knock parameters to (I've found this is what the 1JZ sensor should be set at):

- 6.94Khz frequency

- 0.182 Gain

- 200 uSec integrator

What exactly could I check to diagnose the reading issue? Are the params at least in the ballpark to get a decent reading?

check this drop dox for an approx setup but it sounds like you may have a wiring or sensor issue

Regards Ross

Hi Ross,

Thanks for your inpuy. I made some modifications based on it with no luck so I guess it's a sensor/wiring issue.

I will replace with a bosch knock sensor since the stock one is very prone to fail from what I've researched only.