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LamdaSir. target table - auto config

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Hello sir, the end of the full power tuning in the Infinity session, you said that if we want to try make more power, we should raise the fuel mixture,

to raise the fuel mixture we can "simply" add fuel in our Lamda Targen Table.

1. is it automatically?

2. if yes, do i need to check any parameters before? (in the wizard)

3. also, if it's auto', how come it did not change the fuel while you where tuning?

thx [=


With a VE based ECU, once the VE table is correctly calibrated we can change our target AFR within the AFR target table and the ECU should be able to track those changes very well. This is automatic and handled by the background fuel equation in the ECU. In the worked example we left the AFR target table untouched and simply tuned the VE table to achieve these targets. We didn't demonstrate making a change to the AFR.


i wil be in touch once i get my infinity [=