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Hi , we have just taken on a link dealership an i need to get live data from the ecu to my dyno DAQ , i have an ethernet connection on the DAQ , is there a dedicated cable connection or is it possible to use wifi ?

Thanks in advance


The Link ECU doesn't use ethernet. Depending on your dyno capabilities, the easiest solution would be to use a CAN connection and then send out the generic dash comms template from the ECU. Depending on the dyno you can also customise this if required.

On the G4+ it includes OBD2 support so you could potentially use an OBD2 wifi adaptor to send data out provided your dyno can receive it.

Thanks Andre, thats what we are aiming to do , fortunately i have a very good friend that understands CAN and deals with it daily so hopefully we should get it working. I will let you know if its a success

cheers Keith