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Hello, first post here. I try and answer my own questions through research, however the module on accel enrich did not cover a certain aspect i have questions about.

The car in question is a drift car, 3.0L twin turbo. The issue at hand happens when clutch kicking in higher gears at around 3500-5000 rpm, the engine hesitates/stutters for about ~1 second. I believe the issue is related to the accel enrichment at this particular site and or nearby sites. I am curios what i should be looking for and what i should log. Naturally i cannot replicate this scenario on a dyno or on the road as that would be unsafe and illegal, and need to replicate on the track. I am VERY green to ecu calibrating but keen to understand it and know what to do. It all makes sense and i understand the theory but now have to put the pen to the pad.

Unfortunately with whats going on in the world right now its difficult to get track time, so all we can do currently is talk theory, but i would like to know what i should do next time i can get on track to streamline the process and not waste time.

Unfortunately last time i drove the car was likely a couple months ago so my memory of the day is a bit foggy, and i did not have my laptop with me as up until this point I had not had this issue. It is important to note however this was the first time driving the car at the track on the new pump gas tune. Prior tune was for c12 and the car now has a toggle to switch between tunes. I have yet to pull the logs from that day to see if there is anything to make sense of, but i know i wasnt logging accel enrichment (if that can be logged), only some other basics. Afr would have been logged. The issue happened pretty religiously on the same entry, in 3rd gear, somewhere between 3500-5000 partial throttle to clutch kick and full throttle. Engine would cut out/sputter for about a second maybe 2 and then pick right back up and take off. I could mitigate the issue by not clutch kicking the entry and feint in with a slower increase in throttle angle.

Thank you for reading all that, sorry it was wordy, i just wanted all the info to be there so were all on the same page.

If you haven't already watched it, check out this webinar which covers accel enrichment on the G4+ platform.

There could be some other factors involved as you typically need little to no accel enrichment at the higher rpm ranges you're mentioning. Excessive enrichment at that rpm would make the engine feel boggy rather than a cut. I'm wondering if you may be hitting a cut that you're not aware of instead. I always log the % fuel and % ignition cuts as a matter of course.

Thank you Andre. I will watch that webinar next!