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link G4X or Haltech 2500

Practical Standalone Tuning

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I'm going to go on ECU but what to advise me between the Link G4X or the Haltech 2500?

For a 2004 WRX STI.

Thank you

I'm most likely a little bias here because I have spent many years tuning mostly Link ecus, But the features of the Link ECU out weigh the Haltech in my opinion, the outputs can be tested in test mode. ie you can test ignition 1 and make the coil spark etc same with injectors and any other aux output like fans and fuel pump. they have a built-in scope now in all models of the G4x ECU. the unit fits inside a factory case so no need for a patch harness. the logging is far superior and the help file is massive compared to any other ECU that I have ever seen.

the tech support is also now 24 hours 6 days a week.

i would love to hear from others on their thoughts.

I prefer the software layout of Haltech, I prefer the hardware and support of Link. That said - and this seems to be a dead horse so my apologies - it really comes down to what you or whoever is doing the install and tuning is most comfortable with.

Unless your going to be doing all the tuning yourself :

**buy the ecu your tuner is prepared to get the best result with when they tune it for you** read this more then once - its important :)

Make sure the ecu you want to buy will do *everything* you will need from it and all the possible bits you want for it are available for it and compatible and are known to work.

There are annoyances with my haltech - the speed to connect, pull and display a datalog is slow - canbus devices are not supported unless its from haltech and even then, if its a nexus canbus keypad, it wont work on an elite buggerit.

I might concider changing to a different ecu in the future - but not for this car. I'm not annoyed with anything on the ecu enough to want to change away from my e2500

Go with Link G4X, as Ross stated everything already you wont be disappointed.

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