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M150 into other engine setup and test

Practical Standalone Tuning

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Andre.. is there any m150 setup and testing output like in this m1 webminar ?

I am using the m150 into toyota 86.. but some big doubt in my head are.. can i do it with universal one and go into basically universal engine.

Because with haltech elite which i usually do.. i will never ever have a single doubt in my mine that i will be able to make it run and works fine.

if you are already using M1 Tune on an toyota 86, you will find the it's very similar using other engines as the M1 Tune Software is the same. Try downloading and opening other packages (such as GPA or GPR) to get a feel for what is different in the generic packages. The first place you will see a difference is the the Initial Setup Workbook.

I've run MoTeC M1 ECUs on everything from a single cylinder KTM 450, to Suzuki GSXR 1000, Mazda MZR, Honda K20, Porsche 911/964/993, Chevy LS, (Ford Coyote in the works), even a Ferrari V12. So it's plenty flexible.

Hey david thanks.. i saw you on motec forum aswell.

Ok stupid question for me to ask.. with my 86 package.. can i use the flat shift and throttle blip ?

As i see on the race function it is available.

But i still havent configured it yet.

Also.. need to know wether i can use the CAN info from stock tcu data like "shift solenoid on/off" to be use for reference for the flatshift.

Or at least the paddle shift data + or - can be use to be reference.

Since i bought the harness plug in from motec also.. i think i only have limited spare input

Thanks david

I think the gear shift capability in your package is there for when you replace your Automatic Transmission with a Sequential Manual Gearbox. This would have a manual lever with strain gage or switch to indicates shift direction. This is not the GPRP paddle shift that drives a shift actuator. That would require a different firmware package or separate GCU.

I don't know if your paddles show up as firmware resources. You might try configuring unused Driver Switches with the the various un-used firmware resources, and seeing what happens when you activate the paddles. Perhaps they do come in and you could use those as Lever Up and Lever Down.

You have a lot of investigating to do...

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