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Mainline 2WD600P versus 2WD600L

Practical Standalone Tuning

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I am considering these two dynos. The Mainline software seems amazing with the CAN ECU datalog option, which would be an option I would buy for sure.

The L is about $12000 Australian cheaper, but the software is a little more stripped down and the dyno itself isn't quite as heavy duty.

Anyone have experience with both?

Many of the features we demonstrate such as the torque optimisation tests and the CAN interface aren't available on the basic 'L' model from my understanding. These come as standard with the premium model. Your best bet though would be to have a chat to Todd or Craig at Mainline and discuss exactly what you need in terms of functions and capability and they will be able to guide you on the most cost effective option.

I believe the actual dyno bed between the 600L and 600P is identical and the differentiation between premium and entry level is in software and features.

I own the 600L just like Andres and the dyno is awesome but I do not have the premium software which is 5K USD if you wanted to upgrade. The premium bed has outriggers and a cooling fan for the retarder. I have experienced twice the dyno overheating alarm when it was over 100 (f) in the shop and doing pulls on my shops dyno day. Easy fix, get a 50 or 100 dollar fan and point it at the retarder and you should be fine! cheap and easy. The 3 things I wish I bought was the premium software and the rpm pickups and the high hp traction kit. I will get them eventually as I tune more. If you get the premium software and log rpm off the car thru can or obd2 then you will not need the pickups. Otherwise you derive the rpm off road speed to rpm conversion. But as tires deform the accuracy shifts. I do love the software. It can be a little hard at first but once you learn it, its great! The tech support is top notch, like Andre said, contact Craig @ Mainline and he'll be glad to work with you.

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