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Manifold pressure sensor location?

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I have a 1985 Mazda RX7 with an S5 intake on it. I currently have the MAP sensor going off a vacuum behind the throttle body off the primary intake. The S5 intake has a different throttle body and intake setup then your average car. There are three butterflies on the throttle body, one does the primary intake and two do the secondary intakes. The primary butterfly opens up an eighth of a turn first before the secondaries start to open up. I'm assuming Mazda did this cause the injectors are located in the primary side of the intake and wanted air to first go that direction before going to the secondaries where there are only the second stage injectors. The question is, will having the MAP on only the primary side effect my tuning accuracy and if so what do I need to do to correct this problem? I'm going to assume that it will affect my accuracy cause it is not getting the absolute manifold pressure and only part of it. In which case I would need to find a way to combine the primary and secondary intakes (probably the plenum after the throttle body) to get an absolute manifold pressure.

Wont be an issue. Mazda biased the primary butterfly for velocity at partial throttle openings.

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