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Max RPM ? What value is?

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Hi, I'm Leonardo, I'm converting a suzuki sprint 3 cilynders 1000cc carb to EFI, it's my first project and now I'm configuring the idle speed, My question is How can I know what value put in max RPM?, the engine is stock, has no modifications, I only modificates the management engine, I've put sensors and actuators for EFI. There are some formula or rule for calculates it ?


The factory workshop manual should provide information on idle speed and maximum RPM.

I 'm starting with the steady state tuning, and I dont have this references (workshop manual)

I know that exist some formulas for calculate it, but I don't have it.

According to this page (see table on the right):

The G-engines had a redline of 7400-7600 RPM. So without further knowledge, it would be safe to use 7400 RPM for a maximum RPM.

This value would be useful to me. I could not think of looking in wikipedia.


I just used google to search for "suzuki sprint 1000cc maximum RPM", and the wikipedia entry was the first thing found. Google is your friend for finding stuff. Just try different searches and look on the first couple of pages.

Searching for "Suzuki Sprint Workshop Manual" found this page: