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Megasquirt MS3 Ultimate Sync Loss

Practical Standalone Tuning

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Hi guys,

Im working on a Offroad Jeep with a 4.0L engine, car is using a MS3 Ultimate. Got stable idle and i verified the timing for timing drift with a timing light and i got no timing drift but, when i try to rev the engine quickly it suddendly loses sync and it sounds like a ignition cut but, if i rev it slowly to the rev limiter it wont lose sync. What could be causing this? It has the oem crank sensor and cam sensor, car is using LS Coils running on secuential ignition and fueling.

Also i got Sync Error reason #77 on Tuner Studio everytime it looses sync.

Probably due to some setting under Ignition Settings->Ignition Options->Wheel Decoder. This window has all the knobs related to decoding the crank / cam trigger wheels. Perhaps you could upload your tune file so we could take a look.

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