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Megasquirt3 first start on BMW M62 engine

Practical Standalone Tuning

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Hi, i have a megasquirt3 with msx expansion and coil in plug, tested sensors, coils and injectors are ok, afr table at stoich, ve table set at 30, ignition advance fixed at 15, 12, 10, 5 but it makes backfire, uses a vr sensor for crank and hall sensor for cam, have no osciloscope but used the tunerstudio logger for check, set offset by doing timing light at coil 1, at tdc, is at 68 degrees offset, y tried to do +360 but it backfires too, have fear to damage valves or starter or something by keep trying.

Thanks in advance

If you connect just cylinder 1, (disconnect ign & inj from others, and remove the spark plugs), will the engine try to fire and run without a backfire? If so, that says your trigger offset if probably OK, but perhaps your wiring (or software configuration) isn't correct for the cylinder firing order.

Good luck!

thanks for the reply, i'll check it now and let you know

just checked, it's working, just notice that I didn't wire the coils and injectors in firing order, it's my first time with megasquirt, thanks, let you know if I have another problem

Excellent News!

Engine just started yei!!!, I where doing my own ecu based on arduino mega (not speedduino), so when I set the firing order, it truly set the firing order, but because of having a 60/2 crankwheel, and 8 cyl, it barely run at idle, it was almost self tuned, too much for that chip, so on ms3 I connected the cables in sequence A-1, B-2... because I saw the firing order in tunerstudio, didn't read the help until you told me to test the wiring, so thanks for the help :D