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Mustang variant 2.3 Ecoboost

Practical Standalone Tuning

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Hi Guys,

Anyone else working with the 2.3 Ecoboost? We've got one on our SF902 engine dyno at the moment and we are less than impressed! I've seen people quoting 360whp on 98ron, which I find very hard to believe.

Doesn't really respond much past 18psi with PTBP getting up to the high 30s.


Hey Jimmy, sorry i haven't had any experience with the 2.3 ecoboost as yet. If you're seeing 30+ psi pre turbo then I'm not surprised that you're having trouble making more power! That's a very high EMAP/IMAP ratio. What sort of power are you seeing on your superflow?

I feel like I am following you around tonight Andre, Sorry!

Hi Jimmy,

Welcome aboard.

Are you logging throttle angle along with TIP and MAP?

I ask that only as it may be worth you clarifying PTBP as I have heard some folk use that for "Pre Throttle Body Pressure" and not "Pre Turbine Back Pressure". Im sure you mean the later, in which case its pretty much game over.

If the former though, then as it sounds to me like the ecu is backing the throttle out.

The Ecoboost strategy uses the throttle aggressively to control load.

It uses spark and fuel as fast path 1 and throttle as fast path 2. It pretty rarely resorts to slow path (WGDC) and is happy with big TIP/MAP deltas.

For reference though, 360 WHP is about the max we see from the basic 2.3 FRS3 engine at the wheels. On a good day.

The mustang tends to be more like 320 from memory.

PTBT & TIP are also confusing terms for me.

I've started thinking of manifold pressure as boost and pre-turbine, as drive pressure. I purchased an independent sensor to read drive pressure, but haven't installed it yet.

I did something similar, while trying to better understand charge temperature. I installed a gauge which read the temperature of my intake air, before and after my intercooler.

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