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Need some assistance on which standalone to purchase

Practical Standalone Tuning

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I have a 93 civic with a 1.6 and a smallish turbo. This is a drag car. On the stock ecu with a piggyback setup it made 491 WHP. I am now upgrading things and the ecu is starting to fail It is time to upgrade this

I have built a few muslce cars and converted them to MPFI using Holleys HP and made my own harness.

I am looking at standalones for the honda now, I Have been thinking haltech elite 2550, fueltech 550, EMU Black. Then I started thinking why not use Holley again I am familair with their software.

I have never seen anyone run a Honda b series with Vtec on a holley. Is there some reason this is? Or is it not a great ecu?

Thank you!

I think the Holley HP EFI might work for you.


Of course, they have lots of support for various V8 engines, but it should be configurable to for a 4-cylinder. I would try using their software and try to configure your trigger system -- if that doesn't hit any roadblocks, look into how you would do the Vtec solenoid with that figured out, you should be able to use it. I would think it would be a good fit for drag racing, and your familiarity would be a bonus.

i agree with that, however the thing that i can't see how to configure would be the vtec maps... on the stock ecu, VTEC is a second map for timing and ignition, maybe id just have a rpm and tps switch add a offset to everything????

I would certainly need a cam trigger, but i looked at holleys software and see they use a 24 -1 tooth crank trigger, which my honda also uses...

Go with the Haltech, their support is great.

I can vouch for the FuelTech FT550

It is super easy to use, and will more than satisfy all your needs. Everything FuelTech does is the "Easy Button" of standalone tuning.

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