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Newer AWD Cars on a AWD Dyno (Infinity Q50s)

Practical Standalone Tuning

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Hello everyone,

I got across an issue with dyno-ing 2 AWD cars (2018 and 2020) on my Mustang AWD (linked) dyno.

When doing a ramp run, I could feel the car power fluctuating (like the throttle was opening a closing slightly), and the dyno curve is also definitely showing that (the power and torque figures are "wavy", going up and down). I turned off the traction control in case it was messing with me, same thing happened. So I switched the car in 2WD mode and no issues at all.

Is it something that happens with newer car? I had done a couple of subarus without issues on this dyno. Anyone have input on this?

Thank you!


Could be still abs related, possibly yaw rate sensor readings, I've come across similar issues on audis and vws even when in dyno mode, some do the runs fine, and others won't put full power down properly without the abs being disconnected, are these a haldex type awd?

That's also what I think, could be a Gyro or Accelerometer that tell a control unit that the car is not moving. I am not familiar with Haldex type AWD, so I can't answer this question.

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