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No rpm signal

Practical Standalone Tuning

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I have a 99 NB on Ms plug and Play 2 and I have no RPM signal I have tried multiple different ways of checking it but to no avail so maybe an expert could help me

Is your problem getting an RPM signal for the dyno, or getting the ECU configured for crank position/speed?

I'm unable to get a rpm signal for the ECU. I'm getting no fuel, no spark, no rpm. However the ECU knows it is cranking. I'm not getting one of the signals. So next is making a list of stuff to check before I start checking an confirming any parts are bad.

How do you know you don't have an RPM signal? Generally the ECU detects cranking as crank signal speed (RPM) > 0, so perhaps you are looking at a graph that isn't scaled correctly, or some other reason. It's very hard to guess from your description.

Can you use an oscilloscope to look at the crank (and potentially the cam signal if available). I don't believe the Megasquirt (I assume that's what you meant with "Ms plug and Play 2") Tuner Studio offers any oscilloscope functions in the software, so you'll need something like a Picoscope or other digital storage scope if you want to catch the trigger pattern.