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o2 closed loop setting

Practical Standalone Tuning

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After fuel VE table is tuned steady state, you move on to tuning the ignition. The o2 control is set to closed loop to ensure the fueling is set to target AFR.


1) I've set all the PID control values to 0 and. This allows me to tune the VE table open loop correct?

2) How do you turn on the closed loop wideband setting?

3) After ignition is tuned, then you can start focussing on PID control correct?

I have 2 wideband sensors by the way.

Thanks in advance for the reply.

I'd need to know what ECU you have in order to help. Setting the PID gains to zero should disable closed loop control however most ECUs offer a direct way to enable/disable closed loop which is usually simpler.

It's regarding the Haltech Elite 2500.

I want to tune the VE Fuel base map first, without any interference/corrections from the o2 control, therefore trying to make sure it's fully turned off. When the VE Fuel base map is fully tuned i want the o2 Closed Loop fuel control turned back on again, so it fine tunes where needed.

Can you verify if my reasoning is correct? I think there are 2 possibilities to disable/turnoff Closed Loop fuel control.

1) Main setup->Functions tab-> Deselect o2 control tab (turns off the o2 control all together?).

2) Main setup->Functions tab-> o2 control tab still turned on-> o2 control menu-> Set Min RPM to 8000rpm (o2 control doesn't act before 8000rpm?)

Thanks in advance for the help.

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