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Problems configuring AEM Infinity

Practical Standalone Tuning

Relevant Module: Worked Examples > AEM Infinity > Step 1: ECU Configuration and Testing

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Hello greetings.

I bought an AEM Infinity 5 for my Honda Fit K-series Swap project and the problem I have is that when configuring everything in the Setup Wizard, sensors, injectors, inputs and outputs; by closing this window and saving the changes by pressing hot key CTRL + SHIFT + C and saving the session; i put ignition off and then ignition on and connect back to the ecu, i have to reconfigure everything, the changes are not saved!!! What am I doing wrong ?

I hope you can help me.

Have you confirmed the Infinity wiring matches the AEM documentation? I seem to remember there were some power items that needed to be sequenced properly -- if you're just using some kind of adapter harness, it may not be following the rules, so you might have to jump a power relay or something when flashing a new configuration.

Have you done all the necessary firmware updates, user licensing, etc required for the Infinity? I remember there was something that may have been required to authorize the Infinity Tuner software.

Sorry it's been a while...

Check that your not losing full time power pin c-10. Do you have key off commit selected under tuning preferences?

If you save and then import after powering on do they save?

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